Celina Baylon

Creating content that moves.

I have over five years of experience in feature, web and blog content, and creative writing. I have worked for three years as a feature writer for Worldbex Services International, a large-scale events company in the Philippines. Driven by my passion for socially relevant movements, I have recently contributed blog content to iVolunteer PH, a non-government volunteer organization recognized in Asia. My work has also been featured in the online platform of Writer’s Block PH, a group of experts in the field of freelance writing.

When creating, I always think of ways on how my work can not only be better, but different from the rest.


Volunteering: food for the soul

We all love to eat. We always look forward to a hearty meal after a hard day’s work. Even just a quick but sumptuous merienda in the afternoon is enough to light us up. And we also know sharing our food with good company, especially our loved ones is just priceless. We love it so much, it’s usually our first question or greeting – “Kumain ka na ba?!” And oftentimes, we do not really mind if we put on a little weight, as long as our stomach is full, because for most of us, it doesn’t take much to

Project Planet – It’s Time to Put Our Planet First

Last July 30, 2016, iVolunteer Philippines hosted a Community Meet-up (CMU) entitled Project Planet, led by guest speakers from the Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR)  and Let’s Do it Philippines at Integreon in 6750 Ayala, Makati. The spotlight was both on the environment and us citizens, as stewards of our natural resources. The significance of building habits and participating in sustainable initiatives were key takeaways from the experts, who inspired everyone to actively p

An Extraordinary Journey for an Extraordinary Volunteer

Volunteerism has made such a significant impact in Gemma’s life that it has been ingrained in her personal life – her values and beliefs all point to sparking positive change. She has even initiated her own programs, such as her Be D.E.A.F. (Doing Extraordinary Actions Fulfillingly) project, a volunteer raising awareness workshop in Cagayan De Oro. Truly, Gemma is on a mission bigger than herself, and she plans to share her unyielding zest for service to anyone who is willing to join her in t

Two Stories, One Message

Offering the work of their hands Rachel and Joseph’s passion for their careers, the heart for service, and their strong faith naturally brought them together. Through sheer dedication and love for the arts, Rachel and Joseph were able to successfully set-up their own graphic design business, Pixel Pencils. In every step of their entrepreneurial journey, they believed that God has guided them and blessed them tremendously. “We strive hard to earn money. But we strive harder to use what we earn

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Title: Alter-ego An empire builder and daily hustler, she uses grit for bricks and a vivid vision for a firm foundation. She sits on a throne not made of gold, but of hard-earned respect for the hard work she pours – bare hands, whole heart, all soul. Every new victory, sometimes, she wears as a crown, but on most days, she is unadorned – effortless in her elegance, simple in her entirety. She walks with quiet confidence, and is at her loudest when she is silent. Unapologetically upfront, but vulnerably gentle, she embraces spontaneity and breathes life into her own reality. Always hopeful and not ever fazed, she never leaves any dream undreamed. She stands behind her fortress as strong as her, built from work that speak of her truth, as she gazes towards new boundaries to conquer. Then, she reminds herself: “I am empowering, never overpowering."

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To the person I should have been by now: I'm trying to remember how I started dreaming about you—wide-eyed, hopeful, and willing to take on anything to grow into you. As I look you in the eye right now, I see that piercing gaze of quiet confidence and self assurance exactly the way I imagined. You'll probably ask who I am. And I’d like to ask the same question to myself. I am not who you are, and am neither the person who dreamed about you. But it doesn’t matter because among us three, I am the one who breathes it all in — each moment, choice, and chance. I am the one who painfully and wholeheartedly takes in the present, the one who is in control, the one who can still change and create. Somehow, I am thankful that you do not recognize me, because I am made to grow and flourish, to realize who I am not, in order to understand who I really am and who I can still become.

I Hope This is Dangerous Enough (An excerpt) – Writer's Block Philippines

“’Wannabe Writer’. Yes, that’s me, a frustrated writer. I had some stints back in college and luckily, had a few pieces published for the university annual. But I have never been published at a scale that would affirm myself as a legitimate writer. So until then, I will happily confine myself to being a ‘wannabe.’” With this line of thought, I found myself scribbling down these same words to indicate my profession at a dream boarding event by Writer’s Block Philippines and co.lab. The event org

Who says fishing is passe?

Michael Bolton, Shania Twain, and Jack Johnson are undoubtedly few of the most accomplished artists whose music we've all heard and probably love listening to. But can you guess what else they share the same passion for? No, it's not writing sentimental love songs. All three are vegetarians. They are just among many other celebrities who believe that, "Eating meat is for the weak." But for the Philippines, unlike its neighboring Asian countries such as India and China, it’s not exactly known to have a subsisting vegetarian culture. Now, the good news is, you don't need to go vegetarian all the way. A number of alternative but equally effective ways are available to live healthier and greener – such as the pescetarian diet.